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Craft Supply Catalogs

We carry an extensive line of products that are only available through our online catalogs.

Our catalogs contain the best selling beads & findings, jewelry making tools, and craft supplies!
• 1200+ pages full of everything you need for jewelry projects, craft making, and more!
• Inspirational ideas throughout the catalog
• See below for our Beads and Findings Catalog or our Tools and Supplies Catalog Sections available for download (some files are large and may take a few minutes to download depending on your internet connection)

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Beads and Findings Catalog Sections

Swarovski Crystals
Create unforgettable designs with luxurious Swarovski crystal beads and pendants. Swarovski Elements are crafted in Austria to the highest standards of European quality. With captivating sparkle, uniform colors, and precision cut facets, Swarovski Elements are considered among the finest crystal products in the world.

Preciosa Crystals
Preciosa crystals are the perfect way to “BLING OUT” jewelry pieces when working with 2-part epoxy clay such as Crystal Clay & Decore. 

Czech Glass
Thousands of styles and colors to chooses from. Fire-polished, Daggers, Twist Beads, Tooth Beads, Spike Beads, 2-Hole Pyramid Beads, Gumdrop Beads, 2-Hole Triangle Beads, Kehops par Puca, Smooth Druk Beads, Pip Beads, Dobble Beads, Pyramid Hexagon Beads, Mushroom Beads, 1-Hole Lentil Beads, 2-Hole Lentil Beads, Smooth Round Disc Beads, Twisted Barrel Beads, Cubes, 2-Hole Tile Beads, 2-Hole Brick Beads, Chexx Beads, Silky Beads, 2-Hole Piggy Beads, M&M Beads, Smooth Pony Beads, Top-drilled Heart Beads, Pinch Beads, Pellet Beads, Flower Beads, Petal Beads, Butterfly Beads, Leaf Beads, Top-drilled Leaf Beads, Twisted Oval Pearls, Smooth Teardrop Pearls, Smooth Round Pearls, Oval Table Cut Beads, Rectangle Table Cut Beads, Seed Beads, Charlotte Cut Seed Beads, Superduo Beads, SuperUno Beads, Rizo Beads, Twin Beads, Rulla Beads, O-Beads, Bi-Bo Beads, Matubo Beads 8/0, Matubo Beads 7/0, Matubo Beads 6/0, Tri Beads, Dragon Scale Beads, 3 x 6mm Infinity Beads, 4 x 8mm Infinity Beads

Japanese Seed Beads - Email us for the catalog

Miyuki 15/0 Delica Beads, Miyuki 11/0 Delica Beads, Miyuki 10/0 Delica Beads, Miyuki 8/0 Delica Beads, Miyuki 15/0 Seed Beads, Miyuki 11/0 Seed Beads, Matsuno 11/0 Seed Beads, Miyuki 8/0 Seed Beads, Matsuno 8/0 Seed Beads, Miyuki 6/0 Seed Beads, Miyuki 5/0 Seed Beads, Miyuki 10/0 Triangle Beads, Miyuki 8/0 Triangle Beads, Miyuki 5/0 Triangle Beads, Miyuki #1 Bugle Beads, Miyuki #2 Bugle Beads, Matsuno #3 Bugle Beads, Matsuno #5 Bugle Beads, Miyuki 10/0 Hex Cut Twist Beads, Miyuki 2 x 6mm Bugle Twist Beads, Miyuki 2 x 12mm Bugle Twist Beads, Miyuki 2.7 x 12mm Bugle Twist Beads, Miyuki 2.5 x 4.5mm Berry Beads, Matsuno 2 x 4mm Peanut Beads, Miyuki 2.8mm Drops, Miyuki 3.4mm Drops, Miyuki Long Drops, Miyuki 4mm Magatamas, Miyuki 4 x 7mm Long Magatamas, Miyuki 1.8mm Square Beads, Miyuki 3mm Square beads, Miyuki 4mm Square Beads, Miyuki Half TILA Beads, Miyuki 5mm TILA Beads, Miyuki 4mm Two-tone Irregular Round Beads, Miyuki Sample Cards

Bead Soup
Made from scratch with the finest Japanese seed beads, including 11/0- 8/0- 6/0- Drops, 4mm Squares and Bugles! Sold in 22 gram retail-ready tubes. Bead Soup is available in 19 exclusive color mixes created fresh from our own Recipes!

Metal Seed Beads
Brass base heavily plated in 15 different finished. These beads are made from solid metal, they are uniform in size and have a large hole.

Rhinestone rondelles, squaredelles, half-moons, bars, triangles, and rhinestone balls

A variety of colors, either solid or multi-set in antique gold & silver, comprise this dazzling collection of unique metal beads embellished with Swarovski flat back stones. Combine them with Swarovski pearl and crystal beads to create your own dramatic jewelry! Available in 13mm and 8mm round in over 20 color combinations.
With handset crystal accents, these beads shine at every angle! Beadelle Collection Pave Beads are available in a round shape in assorted sizes and in a variety of brilliant colors. They come with nickel-free, anti-tarnish plating in silver, gold, rose gold and gunmetal finishes.
An Epoxy based bead encrusted with Preciosa Crystal Stones. 1.5mm hole. Available in 18 Solid and 6 Rainbow colors in 6, 8, 10 and 12mm.
Pre-strung on 6" strands. Choose from two sizes: 4 x 6mm and 6 x 8mm.
Polaris beads feature a special luminous inner glow. Their appearance is similar to our very popular Lunasoft cabochons, and they look especially lovely when combined with different materials. Made from polyester resin, each piece is milled separately to achieve a beautiful finish. Available in 4 sizes. Hole size approximately 1.9mm.
Lunasoft round cabochons, Lunasoft oval cabochons, Lunasoft square cabochons, Lunasoft glue in frames, Dichroic glass cabochons, Glass cabochons
Clear, flat back cabochons are perfect for making necklaces, bracelets, pins, pendants, and other crafts. They are a special collection of stones created from hand-molded glass. Using traditional glass making techniques, Preciosa produces them in an exciting array of shape and color combinations. 
Cat's Eye is a form of Chrysoberyl and is an aluminate of beryllium. The name chrysoberyl is derived from the Greek words “chrysos” and “beryllos,” meaning “a gold-white spar.“ Despite the similarity of their names, chrysoberyl and beryl are two completely different gemstones. Chrysoberyl is the third-hardest frequently encountered gemstone and lies at 8.5 on the hardness scale, between corundum (9) and topaz (8).
Dakota Stones offers a complete line of top quality semi precious stones. Choose from a wide variety of shapes and sizes that are great for both the beginner and the seasoned designer. Dakota Stones all come strung on 8 inch strands and offer an attractive price point. Each strand is retail ready including a loop for hanging and pre labeled with stone type / shape/ size/ and MSRP. Dakota Stones removes the all frustration of broken beads, badly drilled holes, inconsistent shapes and poor polishing by offering a top quality and consistent product with every delivery!
Mirage Beads™ come alive with sensuous color as you wear them! Inspired by “mood” jewelry of the 1960s and 70s, these thermo-sensitive liquid crystal beads change color as you wear them. Mirage Beads™ change color with subtle temperature variations, ranging from black (when in the cold) through all the hues of the rainbox. These beautifully translucent beads are sold by the strand.
Hand carved bone and wood pendants, bone beads, wood hair sticks
These fun and colorful new beads are sure to be a hit with young kids! Great for teen jewelry and macramé. Available in three sizes: 6, 8, and 10mm. All styles and sizes feature a 1mm hole.
Bead cushions, plastic earring clutches, ear nuts, Paracord plastic buckles
Acrylic magnetic clasps in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors
Watch faces in a variety of styles
Base metal bezel traditional pendants, ornate grande brooches, classic shape links and pendants, Patera classic shapes, keepsake glass pendants, lockets, cuff links, screw-backs, deep bezels, deep bezel pendants, circle button shanks, oval button shanks, square button shanks, metal stamping flat tags, ornate tags, classic flat tags, decorative bezel with birthstones, brass metal embellishments, tubes, beads, and drops, lobster clasps, micro screws, jump rings, hook & eye findings, toggle bar and ring findings, head pins, connectors, key rings, eye pins, bezel earrings, kidney wire earrings, leverback earrings, jeweled charms, heart and nature charms, regal charms, adjustable circle and oval rings, bracelets, charmed cable chain bracelets, small hammered flat cable chain, small fine cable chain, small delicate cable chain, textured cable chain, large oval link chain, rhinestone chain, buy & try combos, mixed media supplies, sealant & glue

Quest Base Metal 
Beads and connectors, skulls and dragon charms, cross charms, rosary components charms, animal charms, sports, hobbies, leisure charms, Tree of Life charms, nature charms, love, hearts and awareness ribbon charms, bead caps, multi-strand connectors, hook & eye findings, toggle sets
Large hole euro beads, wing beads, celtic beads, critter beads, bow beads, oval alphabet beads, spacer beads, animal beads, nature charms, hearts and key charms, global spirit charms, cross charms, Christmas charms, Halloween charms, rivoli frames, rivoli frame links, links and disks, d-ring links, clasp set, teardrops, trefoils, toggle sets, toggle rings, cord ends, jump rings, oval jump rints, buttons, head pins, bead caps, bails, cones, niobium ear wire, spacer beads, barrel beads, separator bars, closures, links, rivets, celtic collection charms, beads and findings
Vintaj - three women who share a passion for designing art & jewelry - who created a unique product we feel inspired by opening the door to endless possibilities. Spacer beads, cones, hardware, connectors, fastenables, embellishments, charms & pendants, altered blank canvases, blank connectors, blank natures, blank animals and hearts, blank suns and stars, blank tags, basic blanks, filigrees, clasps, crimp ends, jump rings, bead caps, nail head rivets, ear wires, head pins, chain, beads & findings, charms, pendants, connectors, drops, toggle sets
Silversilk knitted wire mesh that is incredibly durable yet supple, light & flexible.
Licorice Leather cords are an exciting way to make personal contemporary jewelry designs for both men & women. Choose from our ever-expanding range of ceramic and metal beads and match with a unique base metal jewelry finding for a one of a kind creation that is fast and easy to create.
A curated selection of innovative leatherworking tools, quality leathers & hardware for leatherworking and jewelry making.
Climbing Rope jewelry supplies: 12 colors - 10mm diameter - Sold by 3 meter cut - over 30 beads and findings.
Made with durable stretch Spandex, this lightweight, quick-drying material is great for the summer time. Combine versatile Fashion Stretch with 5mm and 10mm flat leather findings to create bracelet wraps, necklaces, or hair ties, or use it with any beads, charms, or sliders with a 5mm hole. Fashion Stretch is sold on a 10 meter (32.8 ft) spool. Although flat and 30mm wide on the spool, it curls into a 5mm tube when stretched!
Round smooth beads, stardust beads, metal rondelle beads, metal rounded square spacer beads, spacer beads, metal beads with crystals, cones, tubes, tube with ring, links, connectors, bead-thrus, 2-ring connectors, nature, awareness ribbons, key, bird cage, filigrees, stamping blanks, lobster clasps, barrel clasps, trigger clasps, spring rings, ball and socket clasps, elegant clasps, clasps, multi-strand clasps, reducer connector ends, multi-strand spacer bars, magnetic clasps, flat clasps, crimp hook & eye sets, hook & eye sets, revolving hooks, clasp hooks, glue-in hook & eye sets, half bracelets, half necklace, toggles, glue-in toggles, buttons, crimp beads, crimp tubes, crimp bead covers, wire protectors, bead tips, end caps, revolving end caps, Kumihimo barrel finding sets, Kumihimo bullet finding sets, crimp ends, flat crimp ends, fold over crimp ends, memory wire end caps, spring with rings, pinch ends, Miyuki seed bead slide connectors, bead bandit, jump locks, jump rings, split rings, bead caps, bell caps, bails with ring, pinch bails, revolving pinch bails, glue-on bails, pendant slide bails, revolving pendant slide bails, multi-strand components, pin converter, rivets, Czech crystal rivets, eyelets, screwback metal spikes, pincharming, bail bar pins, safety pins, shower parts, hair pins, hair combs, hair accessories, tiara frames, eye pins, head pins, earring posts, leverback earrings, ear threads, kidney wires, ear wires, earring converters, earring clips, beading hoops, hoop earrings, adjustable rings, bracelet cuffs, cuff links, cell phone pulls, eye glass ends, bezel cups, crimp bezels, bezel earrings, bezel rings, bezel pendants, purse hooks, keychains, compact mirrors, wrappers, rhodium chains, chain jewelry kits, chain extenders, preciosa cup chain, ball chain, pinch earring components
Hollow rivets, aluminum chain
Push-pull clasps, magnetic clasps, lobster clasps, chain
Copper beads, round blanks, oval blanks, square blanks, rectangle blanks, dog tag blanks, flower blanks, heart blanks, misc shape blanks, washer blanks, stamping blank sheets, magnetic clasps, crimp tubes, crimp covers, jump rings, rivets, eye pins, head pins, ball chain, chain, ear wires
Round blanks, oval planks, square blanks, rectangle blanks, heart blanks, flower blanks, star blanks, misc shape blanks, clasps, crimp hook & eye, end caps, crimp ends, pinch ends, slide bails, jumplocks, chain maille rings, eyelets, rivets, hair ornaments, rings, swing top bracelets, bangle bracelets, brass cuffs, bracelet cuffs, wide bracelet cuffs, bezel earrings, bezel cups, bezel rings
Smooth round beads, stardust round beads, sandblast round beads, rondelles, tube spacer beads, links, connectors, flower charms, circles, keys, nature charms, cross charms, heart charms, round blanks, heart blanks, oval blanks, lobster clasps, trigger clasps, spring rings, push-pull clasps, multi-strand spacer clasps, mag-lok magnetic clasps, toggles, wire protectors, cyclone crimp tubes, jump rings, jumplocks, bead tips, head pins, ball head pins, eye pins, leverback earrings, earring clips, earring posts, ear wires, earring with rings, ear threads, bendable rings, chains
Silver filled wire, seamless round beads, crimp bead covers, crimp tubes, head pins, ear wires, wire beading hoops
Smart beads, stardust beads, rondelle beads, stopper beads, cone bead caps mini letter beads, block letter beads, tube beads, connectors, links, evil eye charms, heart charms, key charms, cross charms, religious charms, awareness ribbon charms, bead cages, round blanks, heart blanks, flower blanks, dog tag blanks, washer blanks, lobster clasps, trigger clasps, spring rings, push pull clasps, clasps, multi-strand spacer clasps, mag-lock magnetic clasps, crimp hook and eye, hook & eye, toggle clasps, magic finding, omega insert, crimp beads, bead covers, crimp tubes, bead tips, end caps, crimp ends, pinch ends, jumplocks, jump rings, pearl enhancers, clip bails, glue-on bails, pinch bails, pendant slide bails, eye pins, head pins, rivets, leverback earrings, earring backs, earring posts, ear wires, hoop earrings, ear threads, chain, bracelets, chain extensions, satin cord with clasp, leather cord with clasp, cable, sterling silver wire

Tools and Supplies Catalog Sections

Add-A-Bead Supplies
Create your own unique pieces with our Add-A-Bead Collection. Choose from bookmarks, chokers, bracelets, rings, earrings, pendants, pins, dog tags, ornaments, magnifying glass, key rings, key chains, zipper pull, cell phone strap, bottle opener, wine stoppers, letter openers, cheese knife, utensils, salad serving set, pens, wood hair sticks, spring clips

Adhesives, Glazes and Glosses
Large assortment of glues, glazes and glosses for your jewelry or craft projects. Brands available are GS Hypo, E6000 glue, EcoGlue, eacon Gem-Tac, Dazzle-Tac Jewelry glue, Jewel Bond, The Ultimate Glue, Attack Glue, 527 Multi-Use Glue, Super New Glue, Zap Gel, Special T Illusion Glue, Loctite Super Glue, Super Solvent, Henrietta's Gum Arabic Bead Knot Glue, Double-Sided Bead Tape, Duco Cement, Barge All Purpose Cement, JB Mini, Epoxy 220, Epoxy 330, High Strength Epoxy, Art Glaze, Diamond Glaze, Gel du Soleil, Curing Light, Magic-Glos

Anvils and Bench Tools
Third hand with alligator clips, third hand with magnifier, bench pins, hex anvils, staking anvil, anvil blocks, horn anvils, miniature horn anvils, spoon stakes, rubber dapping blocks, steel bench blocks, wire whacker, shape it anvil block, doming block, dapping set, doming punch set

Bead Boards and Trays
Create your own unique pieces of jewelry using these great design boards. We offer different sizes to allow for greater flexibility while designing. Our complete line of bead boards & bead trays will surely fill any of your beading needs. U channel bead stringing boards, straight channel bead board, travelers bead boards, velvet bead boards, dual lap desk, flocked work board, beaders pallette, sticky bead mat, mini bead mats, bead mat tray, plastic bead trays, aluminum sorting trays

Dozens of styles to choose from! Sterling silver chains, sterling silver textured chains, sterling silver oxidized chains, sterling silver finished necklaces, gold filled chains, gold filled textured chains, genuine copper chains, genuine copper assorted links, copper ball chains, copper, gold, and silver color chains, nunn design chains and bracelets, small fine cable chain, small hammered flat cable chain, textured cable chains, charm bracelets, Vintaj natural brass chains

Clamps and Holders
Work saver, bead buddy, bead stoppers, spring clamps, ring clamps, chain sta, clip-n-zip, jewelry wand

Shine rite, polishing cloth, lustre jewelry cleaner, precious liquid jewelry cleaner, bead buddy jewelry cleaner, jewel brite, renaissance wax polish, novis no 1 polish, battery powered craft vac

German jewelry beading wire, tarnish resistant craft wire, permanently colored non-tarnish craft wire, pro-quality craft wire, artistic wire, silver plated artistic wire, decorative 12 gauge aluminum wire, decorative 18 gauge aluminum wire, silver filled wire, sterling sliver, gold filled wire

Wigig, spiral makers, thing-a-ma-jig, coiling gizmo, twist n curl tools, EZ jump ring maker, wooden weaving dolls, wry knittr, knitting spools, viking knit all in one tool kit, wire writer kit, handi bender, plastic wire bender, EZ earring and EZ eye

Ultra suede, Lacy's stiff stuff, brass bracelet cuffs, brass bracelet domed cuffs, leather memory cuff

Durable economical steel drawplates for reducing and shaping thickness of copper, brass, gold, silver or soft steel wire. Plates are hand-tooled and all sizes correspondingly marked.

Micro engraver, cordless bead reamer, pearl drilling vise, spiral hand drill, ergo file set, needle file set

Magical tray and magical pick, jewel setter, hot fixer, bejewler pro, professional touch electric rhinestone applicator, crystal crafter

Fireworks beginners beadmaking kit. With this kit and a few hours of practice the beginning bead maker will be making their own unique glass beads in all shapes and sizes.

Glass fusing is creative, fun and easy with Fuseworks revolutionary microwave kiln, tools and accessories. The Fuseworks beginner's kit is an excellent value and convenience which includes glass, tools, and instructions.

Chisel hammers, swiss style hammers, riveting hammers, planishing hammer, ball pein jeweler's hammers, chasing hammers, embossing hammers, two-sized textured hammers, premium brass head mallets, plastic rubber jeweler's hammers, nylon wedge hammers, plastic mallets, wooden mallets, rawhide mallets

Image transfer solution is a transfer medium that allows you to transfer images onto metal and other non-porous surfaces. This product produces soft transparent images allowing the metal (or other surface) to shine through what used to be the unprinted area of the copied image.

Miyuki is renowned the world over for their precise and delicate seed beads. Now they have translated that perfection into gorgeous bead kits.

Knotting tools creates secure, uniform knots. Useful for stringing pearls and other types of beads.

OptiVISOR magnifier, OptiSIGHT Magnifying Visor, MagniClips, OpticAid, EZY-Mag, Hands free lighted magnifier, XtraFlex super LED craft light, flex-a-mag, Vusion craft light, OttLite

Kumihimo plates, Kumihimo disks, bob-EEZ no tangle thread bobbins diva custom cord maker, metal bead loom kit, versa-loom, wooden bead looms

Beaders and wire artists alike will love these tools for their ability to create consistently sized loops, circles and coils in wire. Ring mandrels with grip, superior and gauge ring mandrels, bezel mandrels

EZ bracelet sizer, EZ necklace sizer, wrist gauge, pop out ring sizer card, finger gauges, ring sizers, ring sticks, mounting gauge, drill gauge, micrometer, rectangle wire gauge, digital caliper, plastic caliper, brass gauges, folding rulers, handy tape, tri-squares, Bead Oracle, bead counters

English beading needles, pebble beading needle sets, pony beading needles, sharps, straw needles, asian beading needles, curved beading needles, big eye beading needles miyuki extra fine beading needles, glovers, long darners, flexible twisted wire beading needles, griffin soft twisted wire needles, brass twisted wire needles, pearl stringing needles, flex wire needles, spinning wheel needles, crochet hooks, needle threader, wooden needle cases magnetic needle cases, bead-nabber, needle grip-it, thimble it

Patina gel, Dip n etch, allergy jewelry shield

Tronex cutters and pliers, German series pliers, PL660 series pliers, PL700 series pliers, PL800 series pliers, Color ID series pliers, PL10 pliers, PL500 series pliers, Wireworkers pliers, PL300 heavy duty series pliers, Ergonomic series pliers, super economy pliers, high tech pliers, foam grip pliers, Purple lap joint pliers, gold box joint pliers, gun handle pink camo pliers, zebra pliers, Color ID economy pliers, mini pliers set, beader's mini travel kit, nylon jaw pliers, colored beader's tools, magical crimp forming tool, crimping pliers, rosary pliers, flush cutters, memory wire cutter, split ring pliers, jump ring opener, bail maker, wire coiler, wire looper, perfect looper, round nose pliers, tapered flat nose pliers, metal hole punch pliers, leather punches, pin vises, bow opening pliers, tube cutter, micro torch

Gothic letter punch sets, design stamps, punch square head sets, pin punch sets, karat stamps, disc cutters

Herkules white label saw blades, adjustable saw frame

Thread Zap, thread cutter, Fiskars scissors

ScoopEEZ, bead scoops, plastic bead trays, bead sorting trays

Soldering is not just for stained glass projects. You can use soldering techniques to create amazing projects like jewelry, photo art, home decor, altered art and much more. Design unique and personalized pendants, charms, ornaments, and more by placing photos, text, art, and other objects between two cut glass pieces and soldering them together. Soldered pieces can be embellished with beads, wire, ribbons...the possibilities are endless!

Micro and Mini spin & string, bead spinners

Craft travelers, crafter's tote, soft PVC carrying case, deluxe keeper door caddy, locking caddie from craft mates, bead buddy, mini travel storage box, double-sided organizer, small item storage system, bead organizer carrying case, retail ready storage boxes, keeper boxes, storage boxes with tarnish inhibitor, anti-tarnish dividers, clear plastic boxes, prism boxes, slide-lid storage boxes, bobbin boxes, pop n lock organizer, EZY lock compartment locking caddy, create-a-kit leatherette tool cases, bead n go tray, stack jars, octagonal storage system, compartment storage wheels, snap cap vials, glass bottles with corks, ring organizer, seed bead compacts, tray organizers, gem boxes, bobbin savers, Bob EEZ no tangle thread bobbins, plastic spools, cardboard spools, plier racks, craft storganizer, bench top organizer, mini jeweler's work bench, bead tube tower, plastic tubes, flip top plastic boxes, bead storage systems, friction cap hanging tubes, hangable round plastic tubes, plastic tubes, flat slat wall display trays, bead pavilion shelves, versatile bead tube display system, beading baubles card and foam inserts, hangable square clamshell packaging, bin systems, reclosable bags

Neckforms, earring stands, necklace easel display, adjustable busts with stands, chain pads, T-bar countertop displays, slatwall displays, body form bust displays, flocked cardboard bracelet, earring, necklace stands, velvet bracelet pads, figurine displays, acrylic necklace stands, toe ring display, anklet bracelet display, hand figurines, acrylic riser set, wooden showcase with base, tier earring bar display, metal earring display, rotating earring display, rotating necklace display, plastic hangable earring cards, flocked tray liners, stackable plastic trays textured leatherette utility trays, plastic tray liners, round gem jars, tray insert pads, jewelry display pins, ring foams, wooden case with glass top, aluminum cases, mini display set, jewelry display kit, mirrors, organza drawstring pouches, gift bags, hang hole tabs, spool clips, cotton-filled jewelry boxes, freestanding wire floor racks, plastic pegboard counter displays, build your own rotating display system, spinner rack with hooks, display hooks, slotwall display hooks, price labeler kit, jewelry repair ID tags, pricing tags

Flex-Rite strand wire, flex-rite sterling silver wire, flex-rite stainless steel wire, flex-rite mini spools, jewelry wire by griffin, tigertail nylon covered beading wire, bead cord by griffin, pure silk bead cord, 100% pure silk, nylon beadstring, stretch magic cord, elastoma, opelon, gossamer floss, elastic cord, illusion cord, rubber cord, rubber necklace cord, stretch magic silkies necklaces, greek/european leather thong, india leather thong, india leather twist, machine braided leather bolo cord, genya imitation leather, leather bracelet cords, leather cords, deerskin lace, soft suede lace, real suede lace, suede lace, split suede leather thong, ultra micro fiber suede, waxed cotton cord, chinese knotting cord, jewelry twine, artificial sinew, nylon cord, rattail, irish waxed linen, hemp twine, s-lon micro cord, s-lon heavy twist cord, super-lon mixes, s-lon TEX400 heavy macrame cord, silk ribbon fairy strings, silk satin strings, silky silk ribbon, hand dyed silk string, embellishment thread, metallic embellishment thread, organza ribbon, polyester chain, pendant necklace cord, velvet necklace with lobster clasp, sterling silver cable, crimp & go cord, silversilk cord, french wire, metallic ribbon, artistic wire mesh, plated memory wire, fireline braided bead thread, power pro cord, spiderwire ultracast invisi-braid, s-lon beadworking thread, nymo thread, waxen linen, quilting thread, KO beading thread, SoNo beading thread, silamide, jean stretch thread, pearl cotton thread, polyester miyuki bead crochet thread, conso bobbins

Tweezers are tools used for picking up small objects that are not easy to grasp by hand. They come in a variety of tips and shapes.

Beeswax, synthetic beeswax, thread heaven, fray block

Crystal Clay, decore epoxy clay, Swarovski chaton mix, Preciosa chaton mix, base metal pendants for epoxy clay, purse hangers for epoxy clay, keychain hangers, base metal rings for epoxy clay, gilders paste

Beadalon Strand Wire
Beadalon bead stringing wire is composed of tiny wires twisted together & nylon coated. The number of tiny wires, also known as strands, determines the flexibility of the wire. Available in 7, 19 and 49 strand, up to 13 colors.